Here's how we make your app idea a reality.

Create Plan of Action

We work closely with you to execute your app idea perfectly. It’s important to us that we meet all of your app requirements.

Design Your App

We design the technical architecture of your app and create a mockup of the user interface. You will know what your app looks like and how it will work before any development starts.

Streamlined Development

Our engineers work in parallel to streamline the app development process. You will see the daily progress on your app!

Meet the engineers that will design, develop and maintain your app.
CEO of Dalton Technologies, Inc.

Lilly is an entrepreneur and engineer that focuses on innovation. She got her bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Oklahoma.

After working as an Electrical Engineer, she continued sharpening her skill set by learning app development and starting a business around creating her app ideas.

She spent the last four years developing a highly specialized skill set by creating multiple native apps, websites, and an online school to teach beginners native app development.

With 6+ years of engineering experience and 4+ years of startup experience, Lilly looks to solve real world problems using the latest technology from Apple and Google.

CTO of Dalton Technologies, Inc.

Mark is an expert iOS and Android developer with degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Missouri.

After working as a Java Developer, he decided to teach himself iOS, Android, and back end development using Firebase. With this specialized skill set, Mark is able to design, develop, and debug complex software systems on his own.

App development is not only his passion, but his hobby. He holds his technical work to a high standard and is always looking to learn more.

With 9+ years of engineering experience and 4+ years of startup experience, Mark focuses on solving real world problems using software automation.

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